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Our Story

The Genesis of our Products (Puff-puff, Bofroat, or Beignet Mix)

Imagine you craving something really badly and feeling like you cannot get it anywhere around 15 miles radius. This was the case with my friend and I. The puff-puff rage started when a friend visited me and we were craving puff-puff that is an African donut. We would have thought to go to the nearest Dunkin donut or giant bakery aisle around the block to get the donuts that is know here, however at the time we didn’t just want any donut, we really wanted that back home donut that we grew up eating, that was not easy to find around the block.  Back home meaning back in Ghana and Nigeria (and other parts of African) where we grew up eating this donut known to us as puff-puff almost everyday. This is how this puff-puff mix craze started. It went from me craving it to finding a way to make it so that every one who wanted puff-puff can find it just by opening their kitchen cabinet; bringing out the mix, adding water, allowing it to rise and frying it.

Very simple pastry with its simple everyday ingredient, however as simple as the ingredients are, not having the precise measurements, will result in an unexpected look, feel and taste of puff-puff. It took a lot of trial and errors to develop the puff-puff mix that gives you a great back home sweet taste and also the puffy, airy look and feel. This donut is versatile; it can be eaten with either sweet dishes or savory dishes. Check out our blog for different ways to eat this wonderful pastry!!!

After developing this mix, I made it almost everyday and most of my friend from different cultural background loved it. We have seen that our product is not only for the African community but other communities e.g. the American community also appreciate this product.  We bring them a cultural experience through this product.

Our product also catered to individuals who are vegetarians or vegan. This group of people can enjoy this lovely pastry without being afraid of eating animal product such as milk, butter, egg, etc. Vegan pastries are normally expensive but our product is very fair/reasonable!!

Thavma Pastries is excited to bring Americans and different parts of the world our back home donuts using our mix.